Credit Card Protection and Credit Safety Tips

Credit Card Protection and Credit Safety Tips

You may imagine that you know everything about credits cards in terms of their features. But what about security issues? Let’s observe them together, and this Leadsgate article will help us to understand.

Basic Tips for Secure Credit Card Use:

  • Keep your card in a secret place. Do not hand the card to another person, except for the salesman (cashier). It is recommended to store the card separately from cash and documents, especially when traveling.
  • To avoid fraud with the use of your card, ask for operations only in your presence, do not let the card be taken away from your eyes, for example when you are in a restaurant.
  • If you are contacted by phone, on the Internet, through social networks or in other ways, and under various pretexts in order to find out information about your bank card, passwords or other personal information, be cautious: these are obvious signs of fraud. In case of any doubts, we recommend you to stop talking and contact the bank by the phone number on the back of your bank card.
  • Do not listen to the advice of the third parties, and do not accept their help in conducting any bank operations. If necessary, contact the employees of the bank office or call the numbers suggest on your card.
  • Destroy checks with passwords from Internet banking systems, if you do not plan to use them. Do not transfer checks to the third parties, incl. employees of bank staff.
  • To avoid using your card by another person, keep PIN-code paper separate from the card, do not write it on the card, do not give this four secret figures to other persons (including relatives), be careful with  PIN-code when working on the Internet.

Security Life Hacks While Online Payments Are Another Issue. Here Some Tips:

Be aware of a computer virus may coming to your software as digital program (malicious code). The distinguishing feature of it is the ability to collect info about payment card data (number, CVV2 / CVC2, expiration date) that are stored on the computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, mobile phone. All gadgets can be infected with the virus.











Make sure that you choose a correct web address of online establishment, and not just a fake one. When paying or entering confidential information about the payment card, it is necessary to care how the website  being protected.  The address bar of the browser must necessarily start with https: // (and not just http: //), and the browser window should show the “closed lock” icon.

How to Use a Debit Card at an ATM:

Try to use the same ATMs, keep in mind how its keyboard and the hole for the card look. Do not use an ATM that you do not know because it can contain fraudulent devices. Skip an ATM with poor lighting, or if it is in a remote, inaccessible place. Look for another option if you that ATM you intend to use have installed extra devices that you did not notice before. They can something fixed by scammers to get your payment card details or receive your funds.

If you notice that a person in front of you in line using a lot of payment cards, and especially if they are white, notify the bank about this because it can be a rough.

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