Cash in Past: Why in XXI Century We Can’t Deal Without Credit Card

Cash in Past: Why in XXI Century We Can’t Deal Without Credit Card

Today a credit card is very ordinary thing.  To get a credit card is a piece of cake. Actually, in Europe you can even find retail outlets where you simply can’t pay in cash. Very often people use credit cards either for payments offline or online.

Another case is when you need money but can’t borrow it from a friend. In theory, you can take a cash loan from the bank. But it is a rather complicated procedure which depends on how much you need, for how long, what are your spending objectives and credit history. So is it possible to live without a credit card nowadays?

If you have a need for regular purchases in excess of available funds, choose a credit card. Given repayment of the entire amount within 1-2 months, it is very vital financial support because:

  • As you get a credit card, you don’t need to address the bank for a new loan every time. After repaying the amount of debt on the card, you can once again use the bank’s credit line.
  • If a grace period is established (it’s usually up to 50-60 calendar days), then the client does not pay the interest for using the loan.
  • For the credit cards banks provide various programs of discounts and preferences, which allow customers to save on purchases.
  • You may store a large amount of money at home, but somebody will rob your place and you will literally lose everything. With a card it is nothing to lose if you are attentive to terms of paying loan back.


Without a helpful credit card it is difficult to book tickets, hotel rooms, rent a car in journeys. If you are going to local or foreign trip and want to plan everything by yourself, just take into considerations that foreign hotels require a Visa or MasterCard for booking rooms. The card account will be checked and the card will be declined if you have not enough money. Default means that you are expected to pay exactly with s credit card. And if you do not have one, it can cause some complications.

No Card, No Money

Needless to say that a credit card is extremely useful. Especially if there are a couple of days before the salary, but there is not enough money in the wallet even for a cup of coffee, then you go to the nearest supermarket, buy a pack of coffee, hand the credit card to the cashier … or simply go to the closest ATM and lend the needed amount from the bank.

There is no need to have full wallet anymore since you have possibility can get cash whenever you want.

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