What to Do if Your Credit Card Have Been Lost or Stolen

What to Do if Your Credit Card Have Been Lost or Stolen

A credit card is really a tiny thing. It’s just a piece of plastic which can easy slip off your wallet or pocket, especially if you use ATM or make purchases in rush. Your card is also a very lucrative object for rouges who can steal it to withdraw cash or pay in supermarket. If your card is stolen being in a handbag with a mobile phone, experienced hackers can easily raise you daily limit and use all the available funds online.

This is very unpleasant situation because with or without card you have to pay credit back and don’t miss a grace period. Anyway, if the worst has happened, take some breath and become very proactive to minimize your losses and your adrenaline level.


Don’t Be in Panic

First of all, remember about you zero-liability: you don’t have to pay for a card loss, not a single cent. What you need to do is to remember or find in the web the set of standard procedures which will help the bank to block your card ASAP.


How to inform bank?

  • by calling to 24/7 support line;
  • by sending SMS with a certain password;
  • by using Online Banking.

No doubt, each cardholder needs to know all the stages of the blocking process. Today we will consider the issue of how to block the card in different ways.

  1. If you decide to report your situation by phone, just call the required number. Nowadays almost all banks provide brief local numbers for mobile phones. First, you will get automatic respond with some options.  After you follow the instructions, as usual you should confirm your verbal statement within three calendar days by a written application to one of the local banks, or special online statement. You can also send a similar request in form of a regular paper letter.
  2. If you choose to send SMS message, it must contain the number of the lock code, which depends on the reason to block of the plastic card and its last four figures.  After you receive a message from the bank with a confirmation code, you need to send another SMS to a special number. The procedure is quite complicated because it envisages a certain level of security. Thus the bank will be able to confirm blocking. In case of mistake, you will be promptly informed.
  3. Applying to Online Banking is the quickest and easiest way, especially if you are abroad. Just find a special section dedicated to card blocking and follow the instructions. Chat operator will be always online to answer all yours question.

One important issue to keep in mind is that you should get another card in the shortest possible terms if you have to repay the credit. It’s crucial not to miss grace period because of interest and penalties. Try to learn in call center if you can pay a loan in cash or via terminal directly on your card account.  

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